Ron Tite’s C2C Leadership: From Chaos to Composure, Ep #63

Ron Tite’s C2C Leadership: From Chaos to Composure, Ep #63

Mark Raffan

What is C2C leadership? Why is it important? Taking your business from chaos to composure and back again is important for its success. Ron Tite shares why in this episode of Content Callout. Ron is a Speaker, Author, and Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Church+State. He is the author of “Everyone’s an Artist” and “Think. Do. Say.” We talk all about organizational marketing operating systems, C2C leadership, and metrics and data in marketing.

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:18] C2C Leadership—from “chaos” to “composure”
  • [5:20] How to become comfortable in the chaos
  • [13:00] What’s needed for ideas to flourish
  • [17:14] Protect yourself from yourself
  • [22:49] Change your mindset about metrics
  • [27:08] Ron Tite’s great books and how to find them
  • [28:25] The two important things Ron learned as a comedian
  • [30:02] How to connect with Ron online

C2C Leadership—taking chaos to composure

Anyone could win a Formula 1 race if it was a straightaway. Whoever prepared the best—perhaps built the best engine—has a good shot of winning. But anyone who watches Formula 1 races knows they are won in the corners and the pits. A racecar driver slows down into a corner to gain control of the car. They look at their dashboard and metrics to gain a feel for where they’re at, right?

Once they’ve slowed the car down, an amateur might think you’d wait out the corner and then gun it again. But professionals accelerate in the middle of the corner so when they leave the corner they leave with momentum—and lap everyone that waited.

Become comfortable in the chaos

You need to accelerate your business when you’re in the middle of the corner (like, say, the COVID pandemic). Acceleration can mean making investments, fighting through disruption, diversifying your portfolio, implementing digital tactics, and more.

But C2C goes both ways. You need to go from a state of chaos to composure. But once you hit composure, you have to ensure that composure doesn’t become complacency. To do that, you have to reintroduce intentional chaos. You want to emerge from the corner in a far better position than you came into it.

Three ways to become comfortable with chaos

You need to be resilient. Dr. Hanley-Defoe would tell you that resilience is being able to do the right thing. We know what we need to do. Resiliency is getting up and actually doing that thing to advance your career, grow your business, etc.

Secondly, you must acknowledge the state that you’re in. General Stockdale was held as a prisoner of war for eight years. How did he emerge with his sanity? You need an unwavering ability to know you’ll get out while not ignoring the reality that you’re in. The prisoners of war that didn’t do well were the optimists.

Then you must identify things you can do to gather momentum because you don’t know when the corner is ending, i.e., you need a playbook. There are new consumer behaviors happening that you could never have planned for. Two of Ron’s clients are Walmart and Doordash. People used to search for things like “best restaurants” and “the best meals.” Now, people are searching for “How to get food” instead of “What food to get.”

You need to remain innovative and find solutions to the problems that have emerged. You need to allow new ideas to flourish. Listen to the whole episode to hear how Ron believes you can make it happen!

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