Why Salespeople NEED to Think Like Marketers with Bernie Borges, Ep #12

Why Salespeople NEED to Think Like Marketers with Bernie Borges, Ep #12

Mark Raffan

Why do salespeople need to think like marketers? What training do they need to be more successful in engaging with prospective customers? How can marketing collaborate with their sales teams for a more effective process? Bernie Borges jumps on this episode of the Content Callout podcast to share his take. Bernie is a co-founder and Chief Customer Officer at Vengreso. He is one of the top 50 content marketing influencers and 60 best marketing speakers and social marketing influencers in the world. Don’t miss his expert take on the world of content marketing.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:40] Bernie’s rapid-fire actionable tactics + strategies
  • [2:51] The difference between salespeople and marketers
  • [3:48] How to equip salespeople with valuable content
  • [5:23] What marketers must include in content
  • [6:27] Your buyer’s pain point might be you
  • [10:58] The concept of essential marketing
  • [12:15] The Modern Marketing Engine podcast
  • [15:40] How to connect with Bernie Borges

The difference between salespeople and marketers

Bernie points out that the biggest difference is that a marketing person thinks in terms of one-to-many, which Bernie likes to call “logo-to-many”(i.e., they do their marketing through corporate handles and hide behind a logo). But the individual salesperson agrees to meet with someone and sell one-to-one. Where they struggle is getting their prospect to agree to speak with them. So they use social media to attract people, build trust + credibility, and become thought leaders in the space. But collaboration with marketing is necessary to help them do that.

Why you need to equip salespeople with valuable content

Content marketing is the brand producing, publishing, and distributing content through platforms. The key is to get that content into the marketplace in a way that builds awareness, interest, and demand for your product or service.

Bernie believes that content marketing for sales must begin by equipping salespeople. How? Give them the content they need for the different personas that they sell into in the different stages of the buyer’s journey.

Approximately 17% of a buyer’s time is spent talking to vendors, and on average, they’re talking to 3 vendors. So 5–6% of their time is spent with one vendor. Bernie points out that that isn’t a lot of time. So salespeople need good content to earn their way into the conversation.

So what should marketers include in their content? Bernie emphasizes that salespeople need to include specific pain points that the buyers have. So the marketer must combine external research with the conversations they’ve had with internal sales leaders. What pain points have they been addressing? How well do they align with the research the marketer has conducted? Are they the same?

Your buyer’s pain point might be YOU

Your customers are all dealing with the same set of pressures and circumstances that you are. So we as marketers, you need to reduce their need to change a vendor. They want solutions to their problems that involve vetting as few vendors as possible. They don’t want to be interviewing 15 other vendors. If you can’t provide it as a company, what if you can make trusted advisor recommendations? You may not be solving their problem directly, but you’ve already established trust and rapport. They’ll trust your recommendations—and perhaps recommend you in the future. You separate yourself from the competition. Another way to separate yourself from the competition. LinkedIn. How? Listen to learn more!

What is essential marketing?

Essential marketing is about doing the things that matter the most. Marketers can brainstorm a lot of remarkable ideas. But those ideas come down to: What are the essential things that we need to be doing that we can do? What can you do within your budget? What can you do within the realm of reality? It looks different for every brand. But to focus on the essentials, you have to start to say no to things that are going to be a distraction.

Learn more about the intersection of marketing and sales teams by listening to the whole episode of Content Callout!

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