The Basics of Inbound Marketing with Derek Hovinga, Ep #64

The Basics of Inbound Marketing with Derek Hovinga, Ep #64

Kayla Graham

According to Derek Hovinga, “Inbound Marketing is a marketing methodology that uses content to attract visitors, nurture leads, and delight customers.” Derek is the Owner and Inbound Marketing Strategist at The Inbound Lab, which focuses on—you guessed it—inbound marketing. So what marketing strategies does inbound marketing encompass? Is inbound marketing the way of the future? Listen to the episode to hear Derek’s thoughts on this relatively new field of marketing.

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:20] How The Inbound Lab was created
  • [9:09] Marketing as an industry is forward-thinking
  • [13:17] The difference between inbound and content marketing
  • [15:18] What is Brian Halligan’s Flywheel?
  • [23:14] Honing in on email marketing
  • [26:17] The basics of marketing qualified leads
  • [35:55] Newsletters and email campaigns
  • [40:02] Derek’s metrics agreement with partners
  • [44:00] How to learn more about The Inbound Lab

The authenticity of inbound marketing

If you’re working on content marketing, you can’t just talk about yourself and your brand. You need to know your audience, ideal buyer, etc., so you’re not wasting your time (or there’s). You need to create content that resonates with your audience. What problems do they have? How can your content help them solve those problems? Content marketing is a long game. Your KPI or #1 metric is that eventually, the people consuming your content will come to you and ask for help. You’re building relationships through every single interaction with your content.

Authenticity is why Derek fell in love with inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is therapeutic; You can do meaningful work to actually help someone. With traditional advertising, Derek felt like he was pushing messages to people that didn’t want to hear them.

When Derek was a kid, he watched Monday Night Raw. He realized their programming was based on advertisements. Before a commercial, they’d leave you on the edge of your seat, primed and ready to come back for more. When he was 10, he started to realize what was going on. He’d run to get a snack during commercials. There’s disruptive advertising, and then there’s disruptive advertising that you expect, like TV commercials.

The difference between inbound marketing and content marketing

So what’s the difference between inbound marketing and content marketing? Derek points out that content marketing is simply a piece of inbound marketing. It’s focused on attracting people to your website, brand, and business. Inbound marketing is about the entire funnel. Brian Halligan—the CEO of Hubspot—created what Derek prefers over the funnel—the flywheel.

Content marketing creates brand awareness, but other components nurture a stranger to a follower, right? You use email marketing and lead nurturing to turn a new subscriber into a customer. Then you turn that customer into an advocate of your brand to get new inbound customers. You want to deliver content that’s valuable, educational, and informative to your ideal customer prospect. Inbound marketing is turning those people into qualified leads at the end of the funnel.

What is Brian Halligan’s Flywheel?

How does Brian’s Flywheel differ from the funnel model? The funnel model takes a prospect from point A to point B. You’ve attracted them, engaged with them, they’ve made a purchase, and the sales life cycle is complete. With a Flywheel, you attract followers, engage leads, and delight your customers to attract and engage more customers. The flywheel works in every stage of sales and marketing.

The delight stage is Derek’s favorite part. You can utilize your customer base to get more customers. That’s where you get your ROI. Your customers move new followers along the process. Your sales, marketing, and customer service teams need to be aligned with your flywheel so all three will grow your revenue. It should grow organically and naturally. Learn more about Derek’s strategies in this episode of Content Callout!

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