The Death of Third-Party Cookies with Ana Raynes, Ep #68

The Death of Third-Party Cookies with Ana Raynes, Ep #68

Kayla Graham

Cookies are everything. It’s how marketers have tracked data. So with the death of third-party cookies, what do marketing agencies do? If you based a large portion of your marketing on retargeting ads, this will be a significant change for you. In this episode of Content Callout, Ana Raynes—the owner of B2B agency Simplified Impact—shares the data you’ll have to start leveraging to see continued marketing success—without cookies.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:39] Understanding the death of the cookie
  • [4:07] Sorting personas into cohorts
  • [7:38] How advertising will change
  • [11:45] Navigating the changes in marketing
  • [18:31] The resurgence of traditional marketing
  • [24:11] Consider hiring a full-time copywriter
  • [25:49] The role of AI in advertising
  • [33:48] The role of YouTube in marketing strategy
  • [36:03] Ana’s top three takeaways
  • [39:42] How to connect with Ana Raynes

Understanding the death of the cookie

What is Ana’s solution to the death of the cookie? Make tagging someone’s full-time job. You need to understand everything about the type of person that converts on your site. That will become your gold mine. It’s how you can create lookalike audiences. If they’ve filled out a form, consented to receive marketing communications, or attended a program, it’s considered first-party data. You can use that data however you want. Retargeting and following people around the internet is what’s being done away with.

The second thing that B2B agencies can do is make a switch to focusing on SEO. Many social and ad-heavy people are starting to realize—and panic—because they need to focus on getting their website to rank in search results.

The bottom line? Dive deep into your audience and who they are. The death of the cookie is a return to personas and making sure it’s a step that isn’t skipped over.

How to begin building personas for your conversions

So how do you start to build personas for your audience? You have to get a tagging system in place. What does that look like? You need to take your first-party data and identify similarities that allow you to place people in cohorts. A cohort can be as specific as you want it to be and niched to your market. Ana points out that most businesses in the B2B space already have a leg up. Clients that have gotten away with serving “everyone” can’t get away with that anymore.

One of Ana’s clients sells eyeglasses. There’s a quirky community that they fit well. So they ran a campaign highlighting their non-traditional customers’ lives, and it took off. You have to double down and identify what makes your customer different and market to them specifically.

How advertising will change

Ana believes that the shift away from third-party cookies will actually help ads on social media become even more targeted because marketers will still have their first-party data. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., know everything about you. Marketers will have to leverage their information. So instead of creating a lookalike audience from website traffic, it will have to be based on people viewing your videos or those who engage with your ad.

If you’re prospecting, you focus on interests. That’s why understanding the interests of your target audience is imperative. When you get conversions, you retarget whatever list performs the best. Ana believes all of these factors will lead to more precise targeting.

She admits that costs will likely be higher as everyone adjusts. You may go from 1,000 leads to 100 leads—but they may convert better. Your spend may be the same, but the cost per lead may be higher for a time. The plus side is that retention and lifetime value will improve. It’s about going back to real business building.

What other strategies can B2B marketers embrace to bring in leads? How will SEO and social media marketing play a role? Listen to the whole episode for Ana’s thoughts!

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