Tiffaney Fox Quintana’s 5 Pillars of Marketing, Ep #57

Tiffaney Fox Quintana’s 5 Pillars of Marketing, Ep #57

Mark Raffan

Tiffaney Fox Quintana is the VP of Marketing at a startup called Stampli. To streamline the marketing processes in her role, she developed 5 marketing pillars for her teams to focus on. What are the pillars? How do they help each marketing role function as it should? Listen to this episode of Content Callout to learn more!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:13] The 5 Pillars of Marketing
  • [4:45] Where do marketing teams fall flat?
  • [6:35] What should product marketing focus on?
  • [9:06] Content marketing vs. corporate marketing
  • [11:38] The first steps to accelerate your message
  • [16:19] How to approach go-to-market with a partner
  • [17:57] How to make sure the team does well
  • [20:25] How to connect with Tiffaney Fox Quintana

The 5 Pillars of Marketing

Tiffaney came up with a system that breaks down the 5 pillars that any marketing team needs to function in their roles.

  • Tell: This is all about content marketing. You want to tell the story of your brand. A video, blog post, tweet, etc., all serve to sell part of your story.
  • Yell: This is all about corporate marketing. It’s getting influencers, journalists, press, thought leaders, etc., to yell your story. They’re there to amplify your story.
  • Compel: Product marketing is supposed to understand the landscape of competition, the market you’re in, where you fit, what your differentiation is. Their job is to make sure the story is compelling.
  • Sell: This is when you take your marketing, influencers, etc., and put them into a campaign to drive demand so your sales team can sell.
  • Accel: This has to do with your partner ecosystem. A partner can extend your reach and accelerate your sales.

Tiffany even added a 6th bonus pillar, “gel.” When you think about operational functions that you need to keep marketing working, it’s the gel that holds everything together and keeps it moving. This not only aligns with how people think, but it’s also an easily digestible format that people understand.

Where do marketing teams fall flat?

Most startups struggle with the compel pillar, i.e., product marketing. It’s because they don’t understand the role of product marketing. It’s the essence of creating a true story that stands out beyond your competitors. If you’re going to hire for any marketing role, Tiffany recommends that you find someone with product marketing expertise. The polish can always be outsourced to copywriters.

Tiffaney doesn’t believe everyone knows how to understand competitive intelligence at the level to give it the emphasis that it needs in your story. It’s a skill to draw insights and decipher what makes your company stand out. A product marketer is someone who will get deeply familiar with your products. They become a subject matter in the company and the market. They need to know their product and competitors’ products inside and out to provide support to the sales team to highlight the differences.

What should product marketing focus on?

What should startups focus on to help product marketing be successful? Tiffaney believes that training is an essential component. You need to train your sales team on what your product actually does and put into context why a business needs that product, especially for B2B.

Many products can be complex, and it’s hard to communicate the nuances. If you’re selling a product into a function of an organization that a salesperson is unfamiliar with, they can’t articulate the true benefits to the customer. You have to provide the sales team with the right training, scenarios, defense against competitors, etc.

It comes down to how well the product marketer knows the product to train the salespeople to sell it. How do you put that into consumable bites that someone can retain and articulate to a prospect? That’s how you set them up for success. If you don’t have your story down, you can’t train your salespeople properly.

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