Tyler Burch: The Role of a Digital Storyteller, Ep #53

Tyler Burch: The Role of a Digital Storyteller, Ep #53

Kayla Graham

Tyler Burch was hired as the ”Digital Storyteller” for an app called Samaritan. Samaritan is a mobile app that makes it easier for community members to support people experiencing homelessness in their area. What does his role as a digital storyteller look like? How does he leverage personal branding to benefit his company—and his career trajectory? Listen to this episode of The Content Callout to learn more!

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:35] How Tyler became The Digital Storyteller
  • [2:21] Learn more about the Samaritan app
  • [7:00] How to stand out in the SaaS market
  • [8:44] Identifying your target personas
  • [10:57] A conversation about metrics
  • [15:08] How to focus on things that make sense
  • [17:34] How personal branding benefits your company
  • [29:12] What Tyler learned from his network
  • [35:51] Does Tyler get pushback from leadership?
  • [38:10] How to connect with Tyler Burch

Educating the masses about homelessness

Some stereotypes are true—people do make regrettable decisions and end up on the streets. But there are many factors that lead to homelessness (and how easy it is to get out of it). Many people suffer from medical debt. Tyler knew someone whose house burned down, and they didn’t have insurance on it. Others were hard-working citizens who simply lost it all. These people have dignity and deserve support.

The Samaritan app creates a way for the community to support the homeless in a way that’s stable. Tyler’s job as a digital storyteller is to use digital mediums such as social—and the app—to create a place where people can see the stories of who they’re supporting, especially because a huge part is educating people to understand the nuances of homelessness.

What is the Samaritan app?

The Samaritan app is built for compassionate people who want to hear the stories of those that they’re supporting. It allows anyone to login to their local city and look at profiles of Samaritan members that are unhoused. You can read their stories, learn about their needs, and see their goals and plans to exit homelessness. All of this is done through a caseworker from non-profits that they partner with.

The caseworker sits down with someone and asks if they’re interested in being featured on the platform. Then the caseworker learns this person’s story. They work together to determine needs and goals. From there, their story is entered on the app. If their story resonates with you, you can support them. You can help them get job training, clothes, food, and so much more.

It doesn’t have to be just financial—you can support them socially as well. Once someone becomes homeless, they lose social support. Passersby assume that they made poor decisions or were irresponsible in their life to end up where they are. But if you support someone, you can message them through the app and support and encourage them in their journey out of homelessness.

The value of what Samaritan brings to the table is that they connect people who are already passionate about helping the homeless with the homeless. But how do they stand out in the market?

How to stand out in the SaaS market

The SaaS market is saturated—there’s no doubt about it. Because of this, Tyler believes that the best way to stand out is to become a resource for your community. You need to become a pillar of knowledge where people can gain value outside of your product or service. Too many B2B marketers think value has to be about their product filling a need. But people have needs outside of your product!

Tyler has found that offering value to his network is the most beneficial. If someone wants to purchase your product or use your service down the road, you’ll stand out because you offered value and didn’t immediately try and sell them. People will come back again and again.

What else can you do to stand out? Listen to the whole episode to learn more about the importance of personal branding, how to nail down personas, and choosing the right metrics.

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