Understanding The Value of a Slack Community with Michael Cadieux and David Feinman, Ep #83

Understanding The Value of a Slack Community with Michael Cadieux and David Feinman, Ep #83

Kayla Graham

Online Geniuses is THE largest Slack community for marketers. They have over 38,000 members from 100 countries. It consists of an army of marketers—CMOs, Digital Marketing Directors, Owners of Agencies—from around the world engaging in one centralized slack channel. You have the knowledge base of the world’s marketers at your fingertips. Online communities are the future of networking.

How can your brand leverage slack communities? How can you personally benefit from a Slack community? Michael Cadieux and David Feinman share the immense benefits in this episode of The Content Callout.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:52] Learn more about Online Geniuses and Procurement Foundry
  • [4:45] Mike’s rapid-fire tips for marketers
  • [9:09] David’s rapid-fire tips for marketers
  • [13:23] Community building takes a community
  • [15:38] Who is the Online Geniuses Slack community built for?
  • [16:20] How to network the right way in online communities
  • [18:12] What you can expect from the communities
  • [25:40] How to share new technologies with Online Geniuses
  • [29:23] Why experience design matters in online communities
  • [31:20] The #1 thing marketers should be doing that they don’t
  • [35:40] How to learn more about Mike, David, and Online Geniuses

What you can expect from the Online Geniuses Slack Community

Online Geniuses bring in people like Tim Soulo, Tom Kulzer, Seth Godin, and Rishad Tobaccowala for Q&A sessions. They’re always looking to bring in a blend of founders in technology and big brand thinkers—the industry leaders. They also record all of these chats on their website. These communities are a great place to engage with other marketers. While you get value from lurking around—you’ll realize even more value if you interact and contribute.

If you look through individual channels within Online Geniuses, they cover all of the latest trends in SEO, PPC, and more. David has seen a lot of interest in Web 3.0, NFT projects, Crypto projects, and the new decentralized internet. The emergence of DAOs—decentralized autonomous organizations—is becoming a trending topic. There’s so much potential to learn new marketing strategies. What an exciting time.

The right way to network in a Slack Community

If you’re new to digital marketing, of course, you want to connect with CMOs and people who have more experience. But you can’t dive in guns-blazing and burn bridges before you build them. So what’s the best way to network?

Approach people and ask what you can do for them. Put yourself at the bottom of the totem pole. What can you give to this person? Every high-powered person has something they need help with. Look at the individual, look at their business—what ideas can you give them? When they post a question, what answers can you give them? If you come into the community with a giving mindset, you will make a positive impression. It will come back to you.

When you introduce yourself, you don’t want to write a book and include numerous links to your new product. Instead, say, “Hey, I’ve got 30 years of experience. I’m an entrepreneur launching a new product. If anybody has any interest, here’s the URL. I’m here to learn from everybody and find out what the market need is so that I can build a product that lasts a long time and hopefully connect with other entrepreneurs and figure out how to survive the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.” Remember, it’s NOT the place to pitch yourself.

The Online Geniuses community usually doesn’t allow self-promotion of any kind. However, they have one channel called “Shameless Plug,” where you can plug your tool. You can also brag about what you’re working on once a week. If you want your product featured, they have an Online Geniuses Marketplace for affiliate programs and listings. The community is about helping each other—not plugging yourself.

Building a Slack community? Experience design matters

The experience and feeling that someone gets from your product is almost as important as the product itself. When you purchase an Apple product, how do you feel when you open the box? It’s an experience. What about a good restaurant experience? Everything is meticulously designed from beginning to end to create a memorable experience. The experience should be the same when engaging with a digital product—smooth, user-friendly, and user-centric design.

In his “past life,” David founded a Zombie-themed run. They designed the race so participants felt engrossed in a Hollywood movie. They essentially created a movie set out of their racecourse. They hired helicopters to fly overhead, and they used fog machines. Every decision they made culminated into the overall experience. Just like his cinematic Zombie run, you want to create THE optimal experience for networking in your Slack Community.

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