Why Customer Awareness Spurs Content Creation with Paramita Bhattacharya, Ep #36

Why Customer Awareness Spurs Content Creation with Paramita Bhattacharya, Ep #36

Mark Raffan

Your customer must be at the center of your marketing. This isn’t a new concept to any savvy marketer. You have to map your customer journey and put the customer at the center of your marketing versus anything else—your business model, sales model, or organization. How does Paramita Bhattacharya—the CMO of Blurb—handle marketing and content creation? Listen to this episode of The Content Callout to learn more.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:36] Actionable strategies + tactics
  • [4:07] Mapping the customer journey
  • [6:44] Breaking down content creation
  • [11:23] Overcoming data overwhelm
  • [17:22] Approaching leadership and management
  • [23:28] Building or outsourcing a team
  • [26:20] Organizations Paramita supports

Understanding the customer journey versus funnel

You have to know where you find your customer. Are they based digitally? Or in a mix of places? You must then carefully orchestrate what your multi-channel looks like. Do you have the right content for the right part of the customer journey? Why is it more appropriate for some content to be at one stage versus another?

The biggest thing many companies don’t understand is who their customer is. What segments are they in? What are the stages for each of them? Sometimes that segment correlates with a funnel—but not always. Look at your awareness, consideration, retention, onboarding, renewal, and loyalty.

Your customer journey and funnel journey—though comparative—are not the same. Your funnel is what your company has. The customer journey is what they have. No customer takes a linear process to make a purchase. They do research and look at reviews.

Content creation according to the customer journey

All customers are in some sort of research in their process. What are the words and phrases they’re using? What are they looking for? The content needs to look different depending on the level of the customer. If you have enough data, you can build cohorts of customers.

You’ll have customers in the awareness journey, customers in the consideration to conversion journey, and others in retention. You talk to each one of them with different strategies, offers, and incentives.

Breaking down content creation

This can feel very overwhelming. How can you break it down? Paramita has moved away from persona-based content creation.

She recommends that you define goals and strategies for your business. How streamlined can you keep your buyer groups? Do you need to go to the persona level if you don’t have that level of sophistication and resources? In doing that, you can do broader chunks. Paramita believes a good content strategy starts with building bedrock content.

You build 2–3 maximum big pieces of content, like an ebook or large campaign. You then repurpose these key points of those pieces into multiple channels that are running your awareness. You’re taking nuggets out and fitting it where it needs to be. You can do a Q&A, webinar, or thought leadership with that content.

The goal isn’t to pump out a plethora of content but to optimize your content. A lot of people approach content the other way. They start small and try to build and it’s overwhelming.

Hierarchy of messaging

You have a product line and brand messaging. Paramita emphasizes that you need to have a hierarchy of messaging. Where do the brand positioning and messaging stay? Where does product messaging lie? How does your content incorporate product features?

Are you talking about what the product does versus what the brand is? Are you elevating the brand through an awareness campaign? You also have to keep an eye on your product messaging and brand messaging when building that bedrock content.

Your customer testimonials may be down the funnel intended for current customers to see so they become repeat customers. The kind of storytelling you’re doing has a lot to do with the next round of features that are coming in. That’s the other layer. You have to answer customer questions while weaving in your brand and product messaging.

How do you overcome data overwhelm? How does Paramita approach leadership that’s balanced with empathy and resiliency? Listen to the whole episode to learn more!

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