Why Marketing to Existing Customers is Key in B2B with Derek Hovinga, Ep #89

Why Marketing to Existing Customers is Key in B2B with Derek Hovinga, Ep #89

Kayla Graham

What happens after the ink runs dry on the contract? Businesses stop marketing to existing customers. They stop providing tools to succeed with the product or service they initially bought into. When marketers do this, they’re leaving money on the table.

Derek Hovinga believes that a huge part of growth marketing is increasing retention among current customers. It increases revenue and new customer acquisition. Happy customers are your best advocates. That’s why you can’t forget to market to existing customers. Derek shares why marketing to existing customers is so important in this episode of The Content Callout.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:48] Tip #1: Don’t ghost your customers after a sale
  • [8:21] Tip #2: Customer marketing is the easiest way to get more customers
  • [12:09] Tip #3: There’s nothing better than a referral (except, maybe, pizza…)
  • [17:35] What your funnel should look like to market to customers
  • [19:38] How to market to customers that you’ve lost
  • [24:34] The biggest mistake marketers make that prevents success
  • [26:08] How to connect with Derek Hovinga

Don’t ghost your customers after a sale

Ghosting is when you stop communicating with someone without warning—usually someone you’ve been on a date with. Ghosting happens when you’re going through your attribution software/CRM, and you can see a lead has been engaging with you via email or social media or interacting with content on your website. But suddenly, that communication ends. Maybe they decide your product or service isn’t a good fit or go with a competitor.

When you acquire a new customer, you put a marketing strategy together; you optimize your funnel, make them a lead, and nurture them to become customers. Then the salesperson, account manager, or customer success manager takes over the relationship and marketing drops off. But marketers need to stay involved in the relationship. Ghosting should never be an option.

Why market to existing customers?

Marketers should continuously try to get in front of their customers. If customers follow you on social channels, they’ll see anything you post. If you post that you have a new SaaS software, or how to use it better, they will see it. You can email them. It’s a great way to increase revenue by cross-selling products and services. Or you can upsell from the basic package to an intermediate or enterprise package.

Customer loyalty programs are important. Customers want to feel heard. If you have a complicated product, follow up with customers to offer tutorials or help walk them through a problem they’re trying to solve. Make sure the end-user has success with the product they’re using. They’ll ditch it if they can’t figure out how to use it.

Marketing to existing customers is the easiest way to get more customers

Every marketer makes assumptions when they create personas. Yet it seems one persona is always missing—your existing customer(s).

Why don’t you include your customers as personas? You can survey them. They can write reviews, or you can interview them for testimonials or case studies. You can get a sense of what makes someone like them tick. You already know who they are, so you don’t have to make assumptions. You know their goals and pain points. And if you don’t know, you have the privilege of being able to contact them. You can ask how they’re doing with your product or service. You can ask how happy they are with you.

Too often, we get involved in the work. We think we’re finding success, but we forget to ask clients what their perception of success is. But knowing that information is valuable. Why make assumptions when you speak with them one-on-one multiple times a month? You also make the customer feel heard. You give them a voice in your business model. It helps you learn how to do things better and constantly improve.

So what should your funnel look like to market to existing customers? How do current customers become advocates? How do you market to customers that you’ve lost? Derek covers these topics and much more in this episode of The Content Callout. Check it out!

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