Turn Your Win-Slides into Win-Stories with David Priemer, Ep #10 

Turn Your Win-Slides into Win-Stories with David Priemer, Ep #10 

Mark Raffan

There is often a complete disconnect between marketing and sales. Salespeople need to be armed with the right content and the right information to do their jobs right. How can marketers help them do that? What should that narrative look like? David Priemer—a complete master of sales—shares his insight, experience, and strategies in this episode of Content Callout. If you’re ready to create a more compelling sales experience for your customers, don’t miss this episode!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:39] Rapidfire actionable tactics + strategies
  • [2:30] Lose win-slides and use win-stories
  • [5:03] Move away from academic and abstract
  • [8:23] Arm your sales team with the right content
  • [10:26] Tactics to ensure your sales team is confident
  • [17:20] David’s final words of wisdom

Turn your win-slides into win-stories

Why are stories so much better than wins? David notes that we create win-slides and testimonials to help our sales team have a persuasive impact on customers. But David points out the problem is that all of the “stories” he’s ever heard sound the same. How is a rep supposed to tell that story with passion and conviction so that it will inspire anyone?

He thinks part of the challenge is that we create win slides after we’ve won a deal—but the client hasn’t seen any value yet. We’re sharing the vision for why they think they’ll get value from us. It’s a false sense of security. What should you do instead?

Turn the win-slide into a narrative—a compelling story. It should be a living, breathing thing. It’s telling intimate details about why your product or service is amazing. It’s not about the customer getting a “good deal” or a “good return.”

Move away from academic and abstract

When we hear stories about customers, they tend to be academic and abstract. David emphasizes “When things are less tangible for us, we’re unable to make that emotional connection.” But people will remember a story that’s powerful and compelling. According to David, you only get that when you “Get the actual customer in front of your team to tell them about the tangible benefits and value they got from your solution. That will have an enormous impact on your team’s ability to relate that content with much more emotion and conversion power.”

How to arm your sales team with the right content

In a perfect world, if you were to tell the chief marketing officer about what sales teams need to be successful, what do you want?

David would rather get a few authentic, customer-derived, lively communicated stories than 100 win slides. The reason why you’re arming your sales team with this content is so they can use it in a highly-polished armor-piercing way. The key is making it so the sales rep can draw the emotional connection between the customer, the value they’re getting, and future customers.

The best part is that it’s easy for someone in marketing to reach out because they’re not selling anything. Your job as part of the marketing team is to create the best onboarding experience for the customer. Why? Because the experience is the product.

You can come alongside the customer and thank them for their partnership. You want to ask: What is your story? What do you do? How does this help your business? What have you tried before? Soliciting those stories is really important

Then you take those stories and synthesize them. You know what the compelling message is. So funnel the stories through the key value drivers and create that narrative. Be the conduit of those natural and compelling stories.

How to ensure your sales team is confident

We need to be armed with the knowledge that we need to go out and do battle. But product marketing gives sales the tech info. It becomes a pitch around features or benefits. That’s not important.

What’s more important is the journey of the customer. You need to align with the pain that they’re experiencing. That’s where marketing can play a huge role in intercepting the product marketing. The customer will care about the features later.

What do they care about now? They care about how it solves the problem they have. You might be 90% of the way through the story before you get to the product you’re selling. The more that you can talk about the customer’s pain, the more the customer believes you understand that pain.

What’s a practical way to make sure your sales teams can share customer stories effectively? Get your senior leadership team to articulate what you do and the problem you solve. They are usually the most passionate and bought-in part of the company, The stories need to cascade all the way down. You want your sales teams to tell the stories with the same passion as your senior leadership.

To hear more of David’s expert story-marketing advice, listen to the whole episode!

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