Quick Tips for Email Newsletters

Quick Tips for Email Newsletters

Maggie Toth

There are plenty of outlets you should be using for your content marketing: social media, video, webpages, digital ads, etc.

One of those outlets that should be at the top of your list, is your email newsletter. It allows you to personalize and connect your content with your audience.

Consulting a digital marketing agency that specializes in content creation, (like us!) is definitely one way of getting quality content out. But if you have a great team, that has capacity and talent for content creation, you can put them in charge of this. Mail Chimp or Cyberimpact are just a couple of systems offering fully integrated marketing services, that your team could use.

Just remember, getting it right is essential—your content should be educational and entertaining. For some of your customers, it might be the only interaction they ever have with you, and unsubscribes are your enemy. So if you don’t have the capacity for top quality content creation, contacting a content creation service might be your best bet.


Tips for email content creation

  • It’s all about the hook and your subject line—is it intriguing, dynamic, and exciting? Does it immediately convey the content inside without giving too much away? Often, people base their decision on whether to open your email solely on the subject line, so it’s vital to get it right. Mix them up for different campaigns to keep things fresh (and yes, you can use emojis). It’s crucial they work and look good on mobile devices, too.
  • Check your sender name —with so many scams and spam out there, users will check it before opening. So, it needs to reflect your business and not be too long, or it might cause suspicion.
  • Use the right template — Optimum width is 600px.
  • Include some branding, logos, and images — Article writing without any branding or images isn’t the best content creation for opens, views, and click-throughs.
  • Think about email banners—it’s your company’s sign-off line on the email. You can embed links directly to where you want people to go, so think of an enticing call to action. A content creation agency should be on point on these. Or you can create your own for free via Gimmio and other providers.
  • Keep your email content easy to read, in one font, and uncluttered — Images are crucial, but remember that not all images will load on recipients’ screens. If you’re embedding important info in a picture, repeat it in the text later, so people don’t miss out on your messages.
  • Keep the text short and use subheadings — People want the information they need quickly and upfront. Burying it in the tenth paragraph of your email, and people will miss it, or be frustrated that they had to search for it.
  • Make your emails accessible to all—offer subscribers the chance to view your content in a different way, such as larger fonts to allow for any disabilities.
  • Remember, it’s essential to ensure everything works for mobile devices. And don’t forget to include an unsubscribe option either—it’s a legal requirement in many markets.


If, in the end, article writing and other email content creation are overwhelming, contacting a content creation agency could save you a lot of time and energy—not to mention, get you more opens.

For more information on email newsletters, contact us at Content Callout.