Text Message Marketing: Who Needs It?

Text Message Marketing: Who Needs It?

Mark Raffan

Text message marketing is quickly overtaking the outdated and overused email marketing channel. But is it just big conglomerates using it? Or is there a practical application that small businesses and B2B marketers can use? Norman Happ—the CEO of EZ Texting—believes that text message marketing is still underused in the space.

Who needs text-based marketing?

Aside from eTail and retail, Norman shared that no segment makes up over 10% of their business. From consulting to medical offices to grocery stores to Girl Scout troops, many companies use text-based marketing. Those that are most successful with the platform are usually in eTail/retail. They share specials or other timely information.

Who does Normally believe needs to take advantage of text marketing? He notes that there’s a lot of medically-based companies not covered by insurance (cosmetics, spas, salons, etc.) that could use text marketing to drive traffic to their business. It’s a massive opportunity to re-engage with customers, especially after elective procedures were shut down with COVID. But it isn’t just about marketing—text messages can be useful for reminders or informational purposes as well.

Applying text messages in the medical space

But text message marketing is a great way to add value for customers. For example, Norman shares that it’s quite expensive for a doctor’s office if a patient doesn’t show up for an appointment. They usually hire people to do outbound reminder calls all day long. These people typically end up playing phone tag with patients who need to cancel or reschedule. It’s not an efficient model.

More and more offices are texting appointment reminders and asking for a return text if there are any issues. Or they can text them to bring their insurance card. Those types of reminders engage customers in a whole different way. It’s exciting to see the benefits to businesses.

Boost your small business with text messaging

Norman had a small eTail business sign on last week, and they were really excited to get going. On their first campaign, they sent out a promotion to their customer list. In 24 hours, they drove $20,000 of revenue. They were over the moon. They couldn’t believe that was possible. If one marketing campaign can make a large impact for a small business, what can it do on an ongoing basis?

Text marketing in the B2B space

In the B2B space, Norman notes that you see a lot of cycles around trying to get invoices paid. Billions of dollars are lost as people wait for payment. An invoice nudge could play a big role in changing that. In Norman’s world, he’ll get an email that gets completely lost. But if they text him with a link? He’ll pay the invoice immediately.

How do you get started?

If text message marketing sounds like it could be a good fit for your business, head on over to EZ Texting! If you want to shop around, Norman recommends you always begin with a company that’s been in business for a while and has a strong support organization with live experts.

Make sure that they’re guiding you to make sure that you do it effectively. You can create an account and send a message in five minutes. Anyone can do it. But to do it effectively, you need someone with experience to coach and guide you.

To learn more about the process and effectiveness of text message marketing, Norman shares some fascinating information in episode #30 of the Content Callout podcast. He covers when to send a message, what it should contain (or not contain), how EZ Texting protects your business, and much more. Don’t miss it!

Mark Raffan

Mark Raffan

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