The Basics of Creating a Twitter Account for Marketing

The Basics of Creating a Twitter Account for Marketing

Kayla Graham

Doesn’t everyone in the world already have a Twitter account? If you’re launching a new product or brand, you might be about to create a brand-new Twitter account. So, what do you need to know about launching into the Twittersphere in 2020?


Content creation is key

If you’re not yet sure what to post on Twitter, you’re not ready to create and launch your account. Social media users demand constant and up-to-date content from their feeds, and if you haven’t figured out how or what to post in any of the recommended 6-12 posts per day, you’ll be off to a poor start.

If you need help dreaming up and creating fun, interesting, clickable, or on-message content that sells, you might consider enlisting the help of experts. Content creation specialists and agencies can help you create a content calendar and content marketing strategy designed just for social media, and that will meet your goals.


Should I hire a content marketing agency?

We all know social media can be a full-time job. Between coming up with creative and engaging posts, sourcing images (that are the right size for Twitter posts, of course), and planning your future posts, what you put into social media is always what you get out of it. If you’re handling the occasional post off the side of your desk, you’re not doing much service to your brand—or helping it grow. If you’re looking to build followers (and thus, customers), you may need the powerful help a content marketing or content creation agency can provide.


Why do I need “content” and what does that mean?

If you’re just planning to bombard Twitter users with your products and some “buy now” copy, you’re going to alienate potential customers. Social media marketing is about creating conversations with other users and building genuine engagement. That doesn’t happen if you’re always hitting your audience with ads and demands. That’s where content comes in.

Use social media like Twitter to share your brand’s story, share behind-the-scenes news, and to let the Twitterverse get to know your team. Tell the stories of how you created products or services, or how you came up with ideas (because you genuinely want people to benefit from them, right?). That’s how consumers can get to know you as a brand.


The basics of creating a Twitter account for marketing

With your content strategy firmly in place, setting up your Twitter feed is the easy part.

  • Ensure you have a clear logo or captivating photo for your avatar (main photo)
  • Don’t forget to add something eye-catching for the wider banner image
  • Write a short but memorable bio
  • Don’t forget to include your website
  • Make sure you’re using relevant hashtags (Not sure what to hashtag? That’s a sign you may need some professional advice from a social media strategist or content creator.)
  • It may also be important for your goals to create a trackable brand-specific hashtag that fans and customers can use in their interactions with you. The key is to keep it short and memorable
  • Always include a photo in your tweets. Tweets with photos get far more engagement
  • Have a point to your tweet—make sure you’re not spamming the audience with irrelevant “Buy Me Please!” content
  • Always @tag partners or brands, when relevant; this is how the sharing and amplification starts
  • Share links so readers can learn more & go deeper


Twitter can be a great way to get your brand, ideas, products, and content in front of thousands of engaged consumers. Good luck with your launch, and don’t forget that if you need guidance, help, or support, we can help you with your content creation and social media marketing strategy.