The Basics of Optimizing Facebook Ads

The Basics of Optimizing Facebook Ads

Amanda Au

Facebook ads can be a brilliant tool for your business. From creating brand awareness to broadening your customer base and making sales, there are a host of positives a good Facebook ad can bring.

Even so, hitting the right note with social media advertising can be tricky and can make for some costly mistakes if poorly executed. A common error is an overly salesy approach. Since people don’t commonly go on Facebook to buy products, subtlety is key to helping you find the right customers out of Facebook’s over 2.6 billion active monthly users.

Planning your Facebook ads well will help you to target the right audience and make conversions. Savvy users or a smart content marketing agency will know these essential tips.


1. Make the most of your engagement

Ever wonder how some Facebook ads have thousands of likes on their campaigns? It’s probably because they are leveraging their existing audiences. This means when making a campaign, consider existing content creation and boosting a popular post, rather than creating new ads every time. This allows you to take advantage of existing engagement and promote it, building legitimacy and trust around your brand message.


2. Optimize the ad schedule

Facebook’s interface allows you to look at in-depth stats about your advertising campaign, and you should pay close attention to these metrics. One easy way to improve your ad’s performance is to keep an eye on the daily and weekly fluctuations. After a certain amount of time (we recommend around one week depending on your ad budget), you should be able to pinpoint specific days and times when the ad performs better and adjust your schedule accordingly.


3. Rotation, rotation, rotation

When writing content, it’s easy to become complacent. To prevent users from becoming fatigued by your ad, make sure to change it up. You can create variations across different designs and set up multiple ad sets, with different photos, headlines, and content. Then, set each variation for a different day to prevent too much repetition—a simple but effective hack to optimize your Facebook ad.


4. Exclude your converted audience 

An excellent tip for minimizing costs is to curate your audience throughout the ad campaign. This means taking time to remove users who have already converted from your target audience.

Depending on what you want to achieve with your ad, this could mean people who have already bought your product, visited a specific page on your site, or shared the post. Find a way to categorize your users and create a Facebook Custom Audience comprising these individuals. That way, you can exclude them from certain campaigns to prevent wasting money.

The world of social media advertising can be a complicated one to navigate. Hopefully, these tips on content creation to optimize your Facebook ads will help you get the most out of your next Facebook content marketing campaign.