The Era of Monetizing Side Hustles

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The Era of Monetizing Side Hustles

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It’s a new world we’re living in: Side hustles can’t just be passion projects anymore—they HAVE to be monetized. Christine King is a marketing genius and the Director of Digital Marketing at Tealbook. She’s a highly successful career-woman who loves her job—but also loves real estate.

Christine admits she is addicted to HGTV. She’s the type of person that gets excited about projects in her house. So she started living out her passion by renovating her kitchen. Then she got into real estate and worked on a property flip. She decided to hold onto it and rent it out as her side hustle. Christine started her own LLC, built a website from the ground up, and developed a social presence on Instagram and Facebook to market her rental home.

Having that part of her that can exude another side of marketing helps her thrive and be excited about life.

Her biggest fear was investing the money—what if she didn’t get her investment back? What if she couldn’t turn a profit? But because she loves it and is passionate about it, people are taking notice. They’re contacting her about her home because her passion for it has moved beyond it being a simple side-project. She believes “Once we find that one key thing that we’re super passionate about and that we love to do, the monetization will come.”

A lot of MillZ’s (millennials/Gen Z) are learning that too. Young people are taking a leap of faith and starting YouTube channels or designing their own clothes—and people are validating them.

Capitalizing on the army of one

Most people working on passion projects and side hustles are an army of one. Maybe they’re dabbling in web design and social media marketing. They’re building brands from the ground up. It’s contributing to the skillsets of the younger generation. This is the first time in our lives where there is ease of access to knowledge.

You don’t have to go to college to get jobs. You can change your career six times over. You have accessibility to things to help you build anything you want. Everything is out there if you want to learn it. How do marketers capitalize on the era of side-hustles? How do they speak to the next generation?

Embrace the changes—or get forgotten

First off—you have to keep up with the changing trends and embrace constant knowledge. Follow the right digital marketers who have done well in their space. Keep the customer first. Be patient. Don’t try and outpace the market. What trends are working? What trends aren’t?

Follow up-and-coming people. Look at what’s happening at Google and Facebook. Build a portfolio of knowledgeable people and learn from their mistakes. Learn what works for them. Stay on the pulse of what’s working. Find people who are talking about problems in the space and how they solved it.

The bottom line? You HAVE to be open to change. Marketers have to learn and adapt—or become irrelevant.

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Mark Raffan

Mark Raffan

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