Tools for Creating Social Media Images

Tools for Creating Social Media Images

Mark Raffan

Are you on the quest for more comments, shares, and retweets? Using images when sharing to social media increases engagement. Tweets containing photos average a 35% increase in retweets. And on Facebook, posts with photos get more interaction than those without.

Social media is saturated with content. So brands must stand out and get noticed. This is where high-quality, catchy images come in. Visuals are a core component of a successful social media strategy. But if you think creating striking photos sounds like a time-consuming chore, you’re not alone. That’s why there are plenty of helpful tools that make producing expert images quick and painless.

Here is a list of valuable tools to help you design social media images that grab attention.


Canva is a full-service design program that’s perfect for non-designers. Canva makes creating images easy with their custom image sizes for every social platform. You can also use custom dimensions for blog posts, newsletters, and other communications. Thousands of templates and tools are at your fingertips for free (and even more for a monthly fee). Plus, there are tons of cool fonts. And Canva’s drag-and-drop interface makes it accessible for beginners.


Another start-to-finish image service, BeFunky is a photo editor that lives in your browser. No downloading required: everything is done online. The only thing you download is your finished image. It has features like cropping, filters, borders, text, collages, along with red-eye and blemish fixes. So you can add fun effects to your images, organize them into collages, and fix issues like glowing red eyes. BeFunky also lets you grab photos from more places than most programs.


An easy-to-use photo editing tool, PicMonkey runs in your browser—so there’s nothing to download or install. You can simply polish your social images, or you can make dramatic changes; it’s up to you. You can edit a single image, create a collage, or put together a design that can be used as a background. PicMonkey offers a ton of features to help you create your look: add filters, blend colors, create double exposures, and much more.


Sometimes getting the images for your social channels is a time-consuming task. With iStock Editor, you can turn iStock images into compelling social graphics quickly. Choose from millions of high-quality iStock photos, vectors, or illustrations. Then edit your image by cropping, resizing, adding logos, text, and applying filters. After you’re done grooming your image, download it, and publish it directly to your socials or share wherever.


Create your own viral GIFs with GIPHY’s massive (and ever-growing) collection of free animated GIFs. Search GIPHY to find GIFs to include in your social media posts. You can insert the GIPHY link or download the file and attach it. GIFs energize your social media presence. But be careful not to overdo it.


If you want to share annotated screenshots, Skitch is a tool that lets you save and store screengrabs. This tool has excellent annotation features for your captures: you can circle objects, point to things, blur stuff, and add text with just a couple of clicks. Skitch is an Evernote product, so it’s available for Mac users. It lets you store all your screenshots into an Evernote file of your choosing.


Easy-to-use, Piktochart helps you customize your information into engaging infographics. Tell visual stories by plugging your data into one of the hundreds of templates available. Add your own images or choose from the many options they offer. After you’re done refining your infographic, you can download it and post it.


Eye-catching images breathe life into your social media presence. And you don’t need to be a professional to create them. Design and editing tools can help you quickly produce high-quality photos and designs for all your social channels.

Mark Raffan

Mark Raffan

Mark is a serial entrepreneur and lover of marketing and influence. Mark built the #1 negotiation podcast in the world and is an expert negotiation, influence, and persuasion coach that has coached executives and their teams in some of the largest companies in the world.