Jeanniey Walden’s ‘Weekend Words’ Marketing Strategy, Ep #4

Jeanniey Walden’s ‘Weekend Words’ Marketing Strategy, Ep #4

Mark Raffan

How do we adapt our marketing to use “Weekend Words”? How do we incorporate data-driven storytelling into our marketing strategy? How important is personal branding for a marketer? In this episode of Content Callout, Jeanniey Walden—the Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer at DailyPay—points out that we focus so much on building other people’s brands that we forget to build our own brands. She emphasizes the necessity for authenticity and relatability and how to build it into our marketing strategy. She offers an inspirational take on the marketing process—and shares how to implement “Weekend Words” into your marketing. Don’t miss it!

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:20] Why you should strive to embody AIR
  • [4:10] How to tactically build authenticity into marketing
  • [6:57] Weaving Weekend Words into SEO
  • [8:51] How to retain relevance in your space
  • [11:05] Why you want to be like GaryVee
  • [14:45] Why you should embrace data-driven storytelling
  • [17:50] What holds you back from being successful
  • [19:57] How to connect with Jeanniey

Be AIR: Authentic, Inspirational, and Relatable

Jeanniey emphasizes that embodying these qualities help you become a better marketer right off the bat:

  • Be Authentic: This couldn’t be more important right now. Everything you’re doing needs to live and breathe authenticity.
  • Be Inspirational: We are dealing with a lot of bad news in 2020 and we can all use some inspiration. Give your buyer some good news.
  • Be Relatable: You need to relate to your audience. You have to appreciate what your buyer is going through and what their life looks like.

DailyPay is striving to be authentic, inspirational, and relatable to their target buyer. How? DailyPay gives people access to their money before their scheduled payday. In 2020, they’ve seen entire households challenged with financial loss through delayed unemployment and pay cuts. But they’re offering them a lifeline to get through the worst times.

Build authenticity into marketing with ‘Weekend Words’

Building authenticity into marketing starts with what Jeanniey calls “Weekend Words.” What are Weekend Words? So you start with whatever marketing spin that you think makes sense. It can use technical jargon and eloquent words. Then you pretend you’re at a BBQ on the weekend just talking to friends.

How would you describe your marketing campaign using words people from different backgrounds can understand and resonate with? That is the concept of using Weekend Words. It’s all about taking something an educated professional marketer gets and making it accessible to the common man or woman. The authenticity shines through when you strive to be relatable.

Another way to be authentic and relatable? Use real-life images—not stock photos. You should take photos of real people using your product or service and put those on your marketing materials.

Who is your buyer as a person?

You must also understand who it is you’re marketing to. Jeanniey’s secret weapon is understanding the buyer persona from a marketing perspective—not just their title but who they are as a person. That’s how you create authentic marketing.

Jeanniey points out that digital marketing is crowded. It has consumed every piece of our lives—from every ad, commercial, and email you get. What does Jeanniey recommend instead? Reach your buyer where they are when they’re in their most relaxed state. Move your marketing into channels where your buyer is living their normal life, NOT their work life.

She shares an example: your ideal buyer is a soccer mom. So you try to reach your soccer mom on sites where they’re selling soccer gear for her kids. She’ll be more relaxed and in a position where she’s not being clouded with thousands of pieces of information from many vendors. You’re more likely to get her attention for a lot longer than normal.

Jeanniey states that the “Tactic of understanding who your buyer is is pretty critical for creating marketing efforts that actually succeed and get you to that meeting or to that purchase.”

Weaving Weekend Words into SEO

The goal of Weekend Words is to remove the technical jargon to connect with your audience in a real way. Jeanniey points out that you can accomplish that by following traditional SEO methods. You still build SEO from a competitive standpoint—but then you create Weekend Words and build them back into the SEO. Then, you wait to see what resonates with your audience. Jeanniey is a huge fan—from an SEO perspective—of revising, updating, and optimizing repeatedly.

So how do you convert technical jargon to Weekend Words? Do you need a deep understanding of the buyer persona first? Jeanniey suggests starting with the Weekend Words, i.e. making sure your target buyer understands what you’re saying. Only then do you move into persona development.

How did Jeanniey transition into marketing? How do you retain relevance in your space? How important is building a personal brand as a marketer? Keep listening to hear Jeanniey’s thoughts!

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